Sustainable Gifts for Your Brand

Most branded gifts are harmful to your brand and the environment. Most recipients feel their gifts are not meaningful or thoughtful enough. That’s not how you want to be remembered by your customers and employees. You deserve gifts that reflects your values and your vision. Gifts that are good for your audience, good for the environment & good for our communities. Gifts that makes a lasting impression — the kind that matters.

Our 5 Pillars of Sustainability

Social Responsibility

We are committed to social responsibility and ensuring that our company is ethically and socially responsible in its operations. We actively hire women from disadvantaged and marginalized communities, support fair labor practices, and give back to the local community by supporting Make in India initiatives.

From a t-shirt that cleans up ocean plastic to a brownie that enables skill development for low-income women, choosing Offiga means every box you send comes with a positive impact.


Environmental Sustainability

As an enterprise gifting company, environmental sustainability is one of the key pillars of our business. We minimize our negative impact on the environment by using eco-friendly packaging materials, reducing our waste through recycling, and sourcing products from sustainable suppliers who follow responsible practices.

It is deeply important to us that the products we send out in our hampers preserve and protect the planet for future generations.


Ethical Sourcing

We strongly believe in ethical sourcing as an important pillar of our sustainability efforts. We actively seek out brand partners who go the extra mile to ensure that the manufacturing and creation of their goods are done ethically and sustainably and with respect to their workers.

This means fair wages, safe and equitable working conditions, and actions that protect and uplift employees, minimize the environmental impact of the production process, and avoid the use of harmful chemicals.


Exceptional Quality

Quality is another crucial aspect of sustainability that we prioritize in our business operations. We source products from high-quality suppliers who use responsible practices, and we implement quality control processes to ensure that only the best products are offered. Our products last a long time and offer an exceptional experience.

This commitment to quality, in turn, reduces the need for replacements, disposals, reshipments and consequently, reduces waste and pollution.



Transparency in our business operations is perhaps the important pillar of our sustainability efforts. We strive to be honest and open with our customers and stakeholders about our sustainability practices and initiatives.

We provide clear information about the sourcing and production processes behind the products we offer, so our customers can make informed and sustainable choices.


Read Our Inaugral Impact Report

Have any ideas for how we can make the report better in the future? Let us know.
Offiga for Environment

We are 100%
Plastic Neutral Certified

What we do:

Fund meaningful plastic action to eliminate our plastic footprint

How it works:

Our partners at The Disposal Company set up infrastructure to collect, sort, and reuse plastic waste. We protect our land, rivers, oceans, and coasts from being choked by discarded plastic

What this means:

We nurture India’s circular economy by backing entrepreneurs, communities, and businesses that intercept plastic before it becomes a pollutant and recover low-value plastic from the value chain. Eventually, we are nudging a change to regenerated and recycled plastic.

Impact with Every Purchase

Understand waste segregation

Plastic waste collection

Supporting Sanitation workers

Making Waste management safe

Our Impact Areas

Offiga X UN Sustainability Goals


Achieve Gender Equality


good jobs
for all


Create a
waste free


Get involved
in The World's
to do list


Compliant with latest B Corp Norms

From public transparency to environmental performance (and so much more), being a Pending B Corp means we’re working alongside a network of companies looking to redefine what success in business really means. Businesses awarded the Certified B Corp title have met the highest standards of social and environmental performance, public transparency, and legal accountability.

We will be assessed and scored on how our company impacts our workers, customers, community, and the environment – and then this information is released to the public via the B Corp directory. Being a Pending or Certified B Corp isn’t just a one-and-done thing, but rather an ongoing adventure into becoming the best version of ourselves! We are constantly looking for ways to increase our Impact Assessment Score and our sustainability efforts as a whole.

Our Commitments

These commitments deal with the policies and practices in place at Offiga that relate to our mission and values, sustainability, and transparency

  • We treat our social and environmental impact as a vital measure of success for our business
  • All employees establish personal goals and achievements related to social and environmental impact
  • We track metrics related to our social and environmental impact, like plastic waste
  • We have policies in place to promote ethical decision-making

These commitments relate to our employees’ financial, physical, professional, and social well-being

  • We provide financial services for informed financial decision-making
  • We provide adequate and continual training for employees
  • We support cross-training and professional development through mentoring and career development plans
  • We offer flexible work arrangements and time off for full-time employees, including mandatory time off

These commitments involve our company’s contribution to the economic and social well-being of the communities we are a part of.

  • We support marginalized communities through our supply chain purchasing practices (e.g. Fair Trade)
  • We have an active giving program through our Empowerment Grants (being set up)

These commitments involve our company’s contribution to the economic and social well-being of the communities we are a part of.

  • We are committed to sourcing products that support conservation and protect our planet
  • We have implemented energy conservation efforts through our everyday actions
  • We have a robust recycling program which helps us in our efforts to become a low-waste company

These commitments relate to our engagement with direct and indirect customers.

  • We track and establish goals around client satisfaction
  • We pride ourselves on our educated Customer Experience Team that offers support to all customers
  • We connect with brands who also do good, including those who donate or support their local communities around the world

Certified 100% Plastic Neutral: Measure, Reduce, Offset

At Offiga, we have been committed to reducing our carbon footprint since the very beginning – and getting plastic neutral certified in 2022 meant taking our climate commitment to the next level. We measured and offset our plastic footprint and reduced our waste moving forward through this process. We purchased plastic credits through The Disposal Company, which goes towards plastic recycling solutions and projects aimed to uplift the lives of waste and sanitation workers.

Impact Reports: Transparency at the Fore

At Offiga, two of our core values are "be transparent" and "be authentic". We strive to live those values out each and every day. Our customers demand it from us and we believe this is what sets us apart from other companies when it comes to social & environmental sustainability. One way we have committed to this is by compiling our wins, goals, and dreams in annual impact reports. We have just launched out inaugural Impact Report for 2023.

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