Our Story

We are Offiga - pioneers of employee engagement and gift rewards programs for the world’s leading organizations. We started out in 2019 with our retail brand SnapMojo to personalize the way gifting works. We grew rapidly with over 600% revenue growth since our first year and over 30,000+ happy customers.

In 2021, we realized that the enterprise gift rewards landscape was broken. Thus, we built Offiga to support enterprise teams that believe deep human connection can create game-changing business results.

Fast forward to today and we are one of the fastest growing companies in this space with a client list that includes the likes of Bain & Co., Philips, Gartner, EXL, S&P Global and many more! Our journey has just begun and we are excited for you to be a part of it!

Meet the Founders

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Priyashna Kalra
Co Founder
Tarun Sidharth

Our Mission

At Offiga, we help companies build deeper, more meaningful connections with their employees and clients. We create measurable results with our 360° solutions that take all the work and effort off your plate so you can focus on taking your organization to new heights.

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